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[Avalon Eng]

[Avalon] English Tutorial


My English is not good, but for the sake of my friends
from ENG PG, I will try to explain about Avalon in English.

If there are any mistakes or misunderstandigs,please contact and tell me.

Avalon English Tutorial [BETA]


At first let's advance according to the guidance of the screen.
A room is assigned automatically when I advance till the last.
And I advance according to guidance to the room.

I push the button of the elevator according to guidance and enter inside.
If I get off an elevator and arrive to the room, I enter inside.
This room will become the place where you start a game in future.
<Step.02> My room
I easily practice about a method of a teacher and the play next.

*I click a certain binder on a screen and confirm a card.
*I click a book of the magic and open.
*I add all "source of the magic" to a book of the magic next.
*If the set of the card is over, it is closed with X button of the top right corner.
[Japanese] 魔法の書を選んでください。
[English] Please choose the book of the magic.

[Japanese] 開く / 名前を変更
[English] Open / Change the name

[Japanese] カード追加 / 色順にする / すべて戻す
[English] Add Cards / Rearranging / Return all cards

[Japanese] このカードを追加する
[English] Add Card
[Japanese] カードを検索する
[English] Search a card

[Japanese] カード名や文章
[English] A card name or sentence

[Japanese] 白 / 黒 / 赤 / 青 / 黄 / 緑
[English] White / Black / Red / Blue / Yellow / Green

[Japanese] アイテム / モンスター / 魔法
[English] Item / Monster / Magic

[Japanese] カードを並べ替える
[English] Sort a card

[Japanese] 色順 / 名前順 / 攻撃力順 / 防御力順 / レア順 / 所持数順
[English] Color / Name / Power / Life / Rare Cards / Number of leaves
<Step.03> Card Battle
I play a card battle with a teacher to collect various cards and must win.
When the play with the teacher chooses it among the class schedule that there is
on a screen fixed by time, navigation guides you automatically.

When I want to go to other places, I can choose it among a map.

<Translation of the play screen>
[Japanese] あなたの手番を行ってください。終わったらターンを終了してください
[English] Please perform your match. Please finish a turn if over.

[Japanese] あと***枚
[English] ***Left (Remaining card

[Japanese] ターン終了
[English] The end of the turn

[Japanese] 攻撃する / 防衛する / 魔法を使う
[English] Attack / Defend / Use Magic

[Japanese] おまかせする / 降参する
[English] Auto play / Surrender

[Japanese] 魔術メダルを1枚使って、いま授業で手に入れたカードを
現在、****枚の魔術メダルを持っています。 挑戦しますか?
[English] I use one magic medal and can increase 1-4 pieces of cards which
I just obtained by a class. I have **** magic medals now. Do you bet it?

[Japanese] バインダーにカードが追加されました
[English] A card was added to a binder
<Step.04> Register
When I do not have ID, I input an e-mail address into the input column of
 the screen and register.

*The name of the avatar is registered in Japanese.
*When I already have ID, it is all right.

*I lend the ID to another person, and it is prohibition to hand over.
*It is consented tacitly to registering plural ID, but, please be
careful because you become a target of the punishment when
you feign registration content.
*I log in in plural ID at the same time, and it is prohibition to play a game.

<Step.05> I purchase a card of the charging

*I can buy it in a shop of icon of the game screen or NPC.
Gold of the game currency is necessary to buy it.
*I can get Gold in item buying and selling,
but can buy it for electronic money directly.

<The details of the card>

<<The image edited it for a commentary>>

You can attack a player card in defiance of the defense of
land monster and the small monster.
However, I cannot attack a player card when there is the defense of
 the same flight monster.

[Japanese] くぐり抜け(kugurinuke)
[Meaning] If there is not a monster of kugurinuke defending to
a partner, a player card can attack it

[Japanese] 先制
a preemptive attack
[Meaning] If a partner is not a preemptive attack, I can attack it earlier.
 If there is not the monster which I can make a preemptive attack against
defending to a partner, a player card can attack it.

[Japanese] 生贄
be sacrificed
[Meaning] I choose the card and I sacrifice it and use the ability.

[Japanese] 後発
a monster that departed later
[Meaning] I am attacked earlier by the monster which is not late departure.

[Japanese] 遺産
property left
[Meaning] At the time of the destruction of this card,
 I return a fixed numerical card to a book from a card thrown away.

[Japanese] ------
[Meaning] ------

[Japanese] ------
[Meaning] ------

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